HEADLINES WEDDINGSURF REPORTWOOF REPORT PAWLITICS GALLERYDOG: +1.3% CAT: -4.8% CHFS: +200% FOOD: +0.4% SQURL: +2.4% EVIE: +6.6% PAW: -0.4% BATH: -14.8% OSCR: +3% BERT: +1.1% TREAT: +0.25% GRWL: +4% WLK: +1.4% FLEA: -48% RWNA: +1% VET: -21.8% TOY: +5.6% SNIF: -6.2% DOG: +1.8% BATH: -17.8% FUR: +0.15% CAT: -7.2% WAG: +1.1% HDSN: +4.1% BARK.A: +0.8% DAD: -6.1% SIT: +9% MOM: -5.9% FTCH: +0.3% STLZ: -14.2% BED: +31.4% PETS: +0.9% LSH: -2.1%  SHK:  +0.4%


Right as I was Getting
Used to Things

    My breakfast clatters into the bowl at 7:30 in the morning. My head gets 3½ pets. I nap on the third cushion of the yellow couch at 11:00 am. The blondie down the street wags her tail and waits for me to say hello. These are but a few of the critical steps that keep a dog’s paws on the ground.

    Unlike humans, we are sensitive creatures, finely attuned to the world and everything in it, and every so often humans have to kick over life’s bowl, leaving us to sort the mess....

me mom and dad in happier times

    Mom and dad had been pretty awesome about keeping me -- us -- to a wonderful routine. Every day was gooder and happier than the one before!
    But then came February 3rd, 2023. It had been a wonderful evening of finding king crab scraps beneath the table (dad is a messy eater) and I had just settled down for my 8:15 p.m. nap while mom and dad played a board game when a chair jostled my side. I ignored it. Another chair leg jostled me awake! Mom and dad were hugging. Something NEW had happened, was happening.

  A wedding! Tumult! Chaos! Years of routines dashed in a minute. Yes, readers, my reaction was similar:

  Readers, I’ve kept my brown nose to the grindstone since the news broke, and my mantra keeps me sane. “Keep a toy close, but Adam and Jenn closer.”

 What changes in a 15-year relationship after marriage? Everything. Nothing. We’re excited to find out and happy you all love us enough to want to witness it!
Traditionless Couple 
Opt For Tradition

    Emotions rose quickly back in 2008 (maybe 2009?), when Jenn and Adam started playing the board game Stratego as a proxy war for their relationship. One game went to Jenn; Another to Adam; And quickly neither could walk away from defeat without an immediate rematch. 

    While in different states during college breaks, they took the game online. When they moved onto the landing on Elizabeth (Adam’s sister’s) staircase for three months, the game got stashed on one of the closest steps.  It’s likely that Stratego made it into...
Lewis & Clarke, Explained

Spring break is six, maybe seven, days? Sure, that’s time to drive from Columbia, Mo, to Great Falls, Mt, and back? It’s about 1,361 miles one way, but only if you don’t add stops for the Greyhound Hall of Fame in Wichita or hit a herd of deer coming around a corner at dusk in Iowa...